Michael Fitzgerald

CEO & President

Mr. Fitzgerald acquired the stock of the firm in 2018 having formerly been a minority shareholder. Mr. Fitzgerald was admitted to the California bar in 1991. His first legal employment was with the firm starting in 1991.

Prior to his entry into management, Mr. Fitzgerald was an experienced trial attorney. He subsequently was promoted to the Chief Defense Attorney (supervising attorney) of the main Madera office in January 1997.

Thereafter, in 2016 Mr. Fitzgerald was promoted to the Chief Executive Officer of the firm at which time he also acquired a minority interest in the firm. After two years in that position Mr. Fitzgerald acquired all of the remaining stock of the firm from Richard A. Ciummo.

Mr. Fitzgerald graduated from Cal Western School of Law in 1991. As stated above, he has been with the firm since then. He resides in Madera, California with his wife Andi, son Evan and daughter . Mr. Fitzgerald has participated in numerous organizations involved in the community including the Lion’s Club of which he is past president.​ Mr. Fitzgerald is also on the Board of Directors for the Madera Community Hospital Foundation.

Antonio Alvarez

 Shareholder & Vice President

Chief Defense Attorney - Fresno

In 2020, the firm’s name was changed to Fitzgerald, Alvarez & Ciummo when Antonio R. Alvarez became a shareholder.

Mr. Alvarez began his criminal law career with this firm in 1992. In 1994 he became a prosecutor with the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office where he primarily prosecuted violent felonies ranging from sexual assaults, gang and murder cases. Mr. Alvarez was a member of the DA Office’s Homicide Unit when he re-joined the firm in 2008. Since returning he has handled every manner of serious and violent felonies, including death penalty cases throughout California.

Mr. Alvarez graduated from UCLA School of Law in May of 1991 and was admitted to the California State Bar in December of the same year.

Richard Ciummo


Mr. Ciummo commenced his employment with the firm in 1988 progressing from staff attorney, to Chief Defense Attorney of the firm’s main Fresno office, to Chief Executive Officer, and finally to the sole shareholder of the firm. Mr. Ciummo remains employed by the firm as a consultant and coordinator of special projects.

Chief Defense Attorneys

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Madera Office

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Madera Alternate Defense

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Merced Office

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Fresno Alternate Defense

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Fresno Dependency

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Juvenile Law Center

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Amador Office

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Calaveras Office

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San Benito Office

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Madera Office

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